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We’re a team of industry-certified HR professionals who work hard to earn and keep our clients’ trust. We work with businesses across all types of industries, and we’re honored to have some of them speak on the value of our partnership!

See the Syndeo Outsourcing Best of HR Services ratings on ClearlyRated. See the Syndeo Outsourcing Best of HR Services ratings on ClearlyRated. See the Syndeo Outsourcing Best of HR Services ratings on ClearlyRated.

Security 1st Title

Title insurance, abstract products, and closing services

Jennifer Weast, Security Director of Security 1st Title, and CEO and Executive VP Craig Burns, have outsourced HR to Syndeo for more than 10 years. Prior to, Jennifer used to manage everything that Syndeo handles now and described it as “a nightmare to manage.” Eventually, things came to a head and both she and Craig knew HR could no longer be a one-person department. Now, Syndeo helps Security 1st with on-boarding, payroll and tax, FMLA, COBRA and anything else that comes their way!

RSM Marketing

Outsourced Marketing Team

Mike Snyder, Partner and COO of RSM Marketing in Wichita, Kansas, talks about his relationship with Syndeo. Before they opened their doors originally as RSA Marketing, he hired Syndeo to be their outsourced HR department. In 2016, RSA Marketing merged with 360Ideas, and they became RSM Marketing. Syndeo was there to help them transition the companies rapidly and seamlessly.

Chisholm Trail State Bank

Financial Corporation

Cuy Mauck, President and CEO of Chisholm Trail Bank, explains how Syndeo is the right choice for their business. When looking at hiring an internal HR specialist versus outsourcing, the cost-benefit was in Syndeo’s favor. Chisholm Trail worked with Syndeo to implement a new payroll system and continually relies on Syndeo to support them in the performance review process and many other unexpected situations at the bank.

Metal Finishing

Equipment Manufacturing Business

Robert Babst, President of Metal Finishing Company in Wichita, Kansas, talks about how he has created a symbiotic relationship between his in-house HR director and Syndeo. This allows the relationship with Syndeo to be very service driven. They can take care of the back end and allow us to focus on the employee.

Trinity Precision

Aerospace Parts Manufacturer

David May, CEO of Trinity Precision in Wichita, Kansas, shares how he has used Syndeo to outsource all of his HR needs. Whether it’s recruiting the best employees, helping to create the company culture, or writing job descriptions and processes, Syndeo allows them to focus on what’s important to them—building one-on-one relationships with employees and customers.

Wichita Furniture and Mattress

Furniture Retailer

Jordan Storey, VP of Wichita Furniture & Mattress tells us about their partnership with Syndeo. Wichita Furniture hired Syndeo to be their outsourced HR partner because of the exponential growth they were experiencing as a company. Since working with Syndeo, internal employee communication has improved and they receive the expert guidance they need on payroll, benefits, and more!

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