No company is anything without its people. But people aren’t enough. They need to be the right kind of people, The more power that your staffing, people and employees have with no issues.

Syndeo provides more human resources services and programs for our clients than anyone else in the state of Kansas. We are also an Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) accredited professional employer — meaning our clients avoid costly penalties by ensuring full compliance with government regulations and important industry standards.


It’s Not What It Costs, It’s What You Gain!

Human Resources regulations and compliance has become difficult for any individual company to master. As a result, more and more companies are turning to Syndeo to deal with their hassles and manage the risk. They in turn can focus more of their energy off of compliance — which has a low return — and towards what really brings them joy and opportunity.

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Outsource your human resources department to Syndeo, and you’ll soon discover that you have more time to focus your business. Contact us or call us (316) 630-9107 today and experience the Syndeo Difference!

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