Your small business has a void to fill and regardless of how it happened, the person you get to replace or grow your team could make all the difference over the next few months. You have two options, hire somebody with experience (usually more expensive) or hire somebody and train them (usually your way). Neither is right or wrong on a global scale, but take these facts into consideration when making that next decision.

If you choose to hire on experience, make sure you hire on GOOD experience, not somebody that has bounced around a bit. Sure, there are stellar people that join a company, help implement amazing change and then leave, but that all costs time and money. They may be the reason you are in this position in the first place.

Hiring a person with experience can allow your business to get back to full-steam ahead faster than a newbie. There is less down time because they are fully (or close to) trained and you just have to show them your processes and they’re off. Sometimes they can even help your business by giving suggestions based off of their experience when warranted.

On the flip side, however, experience can cost more, be a little more stubborn to change and you may even run the “know-it-all” disease risk. These people are not sponges, but bricks and can actually stifle creativity, teamwork and growth if not managed carefully.

Now, to hire a person who you view has potential can be amazing, it you have the time. They ALWAYS take longer. They may not be confident or know how to handle tasks that are basic simply because they haven’t been put into that position. Thankfully, the right person will flourish when tested. If not, you can find another hire and keep on going.

The great part about hiring an unexperienced person is that they are less expensive, more apt to learning and you can train the person YOUR way. That’s a huge benefit that you may not get with an experienced veteran.

So think like a dog owner. Some people like to have pets that can sit, stay and pee outside from the get-go, while others prefer to train the dog their way, right from the start. Neither way is wrong, it’s just a matter of time, cost and preference.

If you need help trying to determine if an employee is a good fit, or you simply don’t want the hassle of hiring, let us know. Contact us here and we’ll get a conversation going with you about human resource issues for your business around Kansas.