Keep it simple

Although health care reform represents considerable changes to the way employees have come to understand their benefits, you don’t need to write a book on the subject.

In fact, issuing longer communications is a sure-fire way to ensure confusion. Besides, nothing turns people off like long, dense passages about insurance rules and legal requirements.

Instead of getting bogged down in details, present what you have to say in digestible bites. There’s nothing wrong with a message that’s a paragraph or so in length. In fact, there’s everything right about that.

And if your company’s plan details are going to stay mostly the same for now, say so for goodness’ sake! If a plan or plans might change because of cost considerations or other reasons, be sure to explain why — again, in simple terms — so everyone grasps the details.

Don’t worry about exceptions, what-if scenarios, or fine print right off the bat. Focus on what will actually affect the greatest number of employees. As long as you address the top things that your employees care about, you should be fine.

Justyn Harkin is a communications specialist for ALEX®, a virtual counselor that helps employees better understand and appreciate their benefits.


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