Public healthcare exchanges

Any health care reform information you share with employees should include a simple-to-understand explanation about public health care exchanges.

For one thing, the United States Department of Labor requires all employers to do so, so you’re definitely on the hook for that. For another, some of your employees might be eligible for subsidies, and they’d probably appreciate you letting them know how they might qualify.

First, explain what the health exchanges are—a place where individuals can easily purchase health insurance coverage for themselves and their families—and be sure to include information about where employees can go to get additional assistance.

Finally, be prepared to include information on health care exchanges when you have COBRA discussions with employees who might be leaving the company. Although COBRA will allow departing employees to keep their medical plans for 18 months, they might find the offerings of a health exchange better suited to their needs.

Check this page tomorrow for the final part of what your employees need to know about health reform.

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