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Have you ever thought “I’ll just hire somebody to get me through”? Or “This person isn’t perfect, but they will do.” Two thoughts that could spell disaster for you and your business. Other than just the simple loss of firing a bad hire, there are three other factors to consider having the wrong person in the wrong spot.

1. Replacing a lost employee takes Time

As a business owner, you have a thousand things to do each and every day. We understand that some may be gifted at finding talent, but who has time to weed through resumes, interviews, training and get an employee up to speed? Quick is never a word associated with this process, but if you make a bad hire, it creates even more of a time crunch because of other problems. Like:

2. Morale
Bad hires bring morale down. Period. Even if the person was an absolute gem for your employees to work with, if they weren’t the right fit and you had to let them go, other’s begin to worry about their positions. What happened? Bob was great. Why did they let him go? These kind of questions create a rift and distance among employees that can grow into uncertainty, lack of motivation, drive and ultimately production.

3. Clients/Opportunity
If you have a person in the wrong spot, you may be running a greater risk than just time and morale, they may actually lose you business. In this case, when somebody loses you business because they were a bad hire it takes money directly out of your pocket! Who want’s that? Nobody. The additional costs to replace a client for some businesses take YEARS to replace, if not a few months at least. So make sure you have a person, especially if they interact with clients, poised for success for both themselves and your business.

At Syndeo, our staffing services can help make sure you hire the right person the first time around. We’ve been hiring people for years and after we discuss your needs, we’ll seek and find the best candidate for your specific function and business. Call us at 316.630.9107 and we will get the ball rolling. No need to lose sleep, we’ll take care of you and your business.