Time to look back on the stories HR pros clicked on most during 2013. Here’s a look at the HR Morning Top Ten.

Docking pay for exempt employees: What’s allowed?
Don’t feel bad if you have trouble understanding the pay-docking rules laid out by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The regs are pretty murky. Read more

You suspect an employee is using drugs: What now?
You can’t prove it, but the signs are there. So how do you deal with suspected drug abuse without violating privacy rights or making false accusations? Read more

A ban on hiring smokers? It’s not that simple
More companies than ever are announcing they won’t hire people who smoke. But is that actually legal — and is it worth it for employers? Read more

FMLA: 13 ways to stop intermittent-leave abuse
Intermittent FMLA leave has rapidly become the No. 1 nightmare for supervisors everywhere. A top employment lawyer offers a multi-step approach that’ll help companies legally discourage abuse. Read more

Health reform employer mandate postponed: What does it mean for you?
Employers can breathe a massive sigh of relief. Perhaps the biggest, and most confusing, requirement under President Obama’s healthcare reform law has been delayed until after the midterm elections. Read more


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