mindi benjamin - Mindi Benjamin - Syndeo

Mindi joined the Syndeo team after working part time for five years at a local lean management firm, four of those as an officer. She was a stay-at-home mom when she wasn’t at work during that period.

Mindi is from Derby and enjoys raising a family there. Eventually, her husband wanted to buy land and build a barn house to be able to raise their family in the country around animals and nature.

Mindi has two sons and two daughters ages five to 14. The family also includes a dog named Gable, a Boxer named after wrestler Dan Gable, and a guinea pig named Mouse.

Mindi also promotes awareness to help people understand and become more comfortable around those with disabilities. Her kids’ sporting events also keep her on the go.

Other interests include reading and traveling when she can, spending time in the garden, or on the trampoline, at parks, the zoo and fishing.