Michelle has 12 years of human resource experience with a senior level certification and 9 years of progressive safety experience in manufacturing environments. She focuses mostly on Risk Management for Syndeo Outsourcing and has a number of certifications which include; the OSHA 511 certification through the OSHA Education Center for General Industries (to provide proper interpretation of governmental safety, health and environmental regulations., the OSHA 501 course, which allows her to be an OSHA Outreach Trainer in OSHA 30 and OSHA 10 General Industry Courses.

Michelle has implemented health and safety programs in existing and new plants that meet local, state, and federal requirements. With her vast experience, she will be able to provide confined space training and instruction on the use of air monitoring equipment, forklift, Lockout/Tagout training, and other OSHA required trainings in a classroom setting with written and practical testing to ensure a good understanding of the material. As a seasoned Safety Manager she has provided cultural assessments that enable organizations to lead, build, develop, implement and check safety culture improvement initiatives. While helping organizations reach a culture of safety she has assisted in facilitating training events focused on lean leadership, insights to safety management success, and specific loss control processes.Her experience in coaching executives, front line, and safety leadership teams in the understanding and application of key safety management principles, culture changing actions, strategic planning, and execution helps Syndeo to keep their clients trained and compliant at all times.

As a Risk Manager with a strong safety background she will be able to provide you with facility audits, process safety management, DOT audits, and mock OSHA inspections as well as provide an analysis of lost time injury and motor vehicle accidents to mitigate future reoccurrences. In the event a client is ever confronted with an actual OSHA inspector at their door, she is able to help guide them through the process from what to do from the time an inspector shows up to the closing meeting and how to abate fines. Together, we can ensure that our employees go home safely to their families the way their families sent them to work for us and ensuring we are doing the right thing.