Jennifer Moss

Jennifer joined the Syndeo team as part of the company’s human resources department, bringing with her previous experience in the professional employer organization industry. She has been involved with HR since the late 1990s in various capacities and industries across the U.S. and abroad. She also enjoys the continual learning and growth opportunities associated with HR and loves meeting new people.

She has a bachelor’s degree in organizational management and leadership from Friends University and is a continued member of the Society for Human Resource Management. Her long-term career dream is to attend law school and obtain her license to practice employment law.

Jennifer was born and raised in Wichita and eventually relocated to the Atlanta area for about 14 years. From Atlanta, she moved to the Washington D.C. area before returning home to Kansas.

Jennifer loves to travel, spend time with friends and has a continual sense for adventure.

Skilled as a musician, she enjoys singing and can also play the piano and saxophone. For leisure, Jennifer loves being creative through avenues like event planning and interior design, but her personal favorite pastime is spent with her children and two granddaughters.