David Beatson - David Beatson - Syndeo

Before joining the Syndeo team, David spent time in the recruitment and education industries. David says both industries helped him develop a solid foundation for working in human resources and fueled a desire to make that line of work a larger part of his career. He enjoys research and working with employees at all levels of an organization.

David has an associate’s degree from Cowley College, a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Wichita State University and a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Baker University.

Outside of work, he enjoys reading, exercise, and spending time with his family, which includes his wife and two children, a daughter and a son. Family movie night is one of David’s favorite traditions. He considers himself “a bit of a movie buff,” and professes to have a low-budget horror film to his credit that he made with a few friends in college. And by low, he estimates the entire production cost about $20 — mainly to cover the cost of a VHS tape and some Black Cat fireworks for special effects. Seriously.