Worker's Comp

Workers’ Compensation Services

Protect your employees and your bottom line

Nothing is more important in business than the health and safety of your people. And if an employee does become ill or injured on the job, you want nothing more than to have them well again and able to come back to work.

The challenge is that Workers’ Comp claims are so complicated and time-consuming, they can take away from your ability to run your business effectively.

Syndeo can help with your Workers’ Compensation program in two ways:

1. Workers’ Comp claims management: handling the day-to-day administration so you don’t have to

You don’t have time to spend all day on the phone with insurance adjusters, attorneys and medical providers, trying to find out the status of a claim (and being put on hold!) We handle this communication, as well as OSHA reporting and keeping track of time missed.

The goal? Making sure your employee is getting the treatment he or she needs and can return to work as soon as possible.

2. Providing safety training to reduce risk and save money

We supply safety trainings for most of our clients. OSHA rules and regulations change often, sometimes on a yearly basis. Preventative programs such as safety training and audits help keep your staff up to date on safety techniques and you compliant.

Available Workers’ Compensation Services

  • Customized Workers’ Compensation programs
  • Workers Comp claims administration
  • Preventative safety training
  • Safety and risk analysis, monitoring, audits & reviews
  • Assistance with OSHA compliance & record keeping