Note: This part of a series of stories aimed at encouraging businesses to think proactively about safety.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued employers thousands of citations for safety violations this year.

Companies have been slapped with nearly 30,000 violations through the first three quarters of 2018, according to OSHA data.

And many of those could have been prevented through a stricter adherence to safety guidelines and protocols, experts say.

Too often, employers tend to be reactive when a safety incident arises instead of being proactive in trying to prevent them in the first place.

Syndeo works with employers to help lessen the risk of injuries or safety violations in the workplace. Our goal is to work closely with employers to establish a proactive culture that promotes safety throughout an organization.

Here are OSHA’s 10 most-cited safety violations in 2018 (through Sept. 30).

          10. Personal protective and lifesaving equipment including eye and face protection: 1,536 violations.

           9. Operating machines without guards being attached: 1,972 violations.

          8. Failure to meet protection training requirements: 1,982 violations.

          7. Forklift driver certifications: 2,294 violations (non-certifications and re-certifications).

          6. Ladders: 2,812 (broken steps, use of top steps and ladders not being used as intended).

          5. Lack of lockout/tagout energy control program or training: 2,944 violations.

          4. Respiratory protection: 3,118 violations (fit testing, medical evaluations and non-existent respiratory programs).

          3. Scaffolds-general requirements: 3,336 violations (improper decking increasing fall hazards).

          2. Failure to maintain data sheets: 4,552 violations.

          1. Fall Protection-general requirements: 7,270 violations (failure to provide personal protective equipment).

Call Syndeo’s risk manager for a risk assessment on any of your programs to see where they stand or to have programs implemented.

Don’t let your organization be included with these statistics.


~Josh Heck, Marketing Manager Syndeo Outsourcing