The record-keeping rule from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is again in effect.

OSHA requires many businesses with more than 10 employees whose work involves a higher level of risk to keep a record of serious work-related illnesses and injuries from the previous year. An OSHA Form 300 is used to keep a detailed report of worksite injuries. Employers are required to post a summary of that report with a Form 300A on site from Feb. 1 through April 30 annually.

Some businesses also are required to submit their Form 300A electronically by March 2.

Form 300A filings must be signed by a senior leader within an organization, such as a plant manager or general manager.

But companies don’t have to go through the filing process alone.

Syndeo is growing the risk management piece of its service line, giving companies a trusted resource to assist with OSHA compliance.

Our risk manager generally completes OSHA logs for clients as an extension of injury reports that are filed as part of a company’s workers’ compensation plan. It’s a process that generally starts at the beginning of each year.

Taking these steps are ways to ensure your business is OSHA compliant and less likely to face hefty fines, which can amount to $13,260 per violation.

Contact us to see how Syndeo can help your organization be proactive about safety and regulatory compliant.

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~Josh Heck, Marketing Manager, Syndeo