syn web home icons payroll - Minding your payroll Ps & Qs is getting more confusing - SyndeoEven if you’re fortunate enough to have a very capable HR staff at your business, keeping up with all the payroll regulations and procedures is getting tougher all the time.

Changes in the healthcare laws have made it easier for many employers to offer health benefits, but the requisite paperwork is complicated.

Even routine deductions, such as FICA have been made more difficult by differing amounts for employees and employers, and many payroll software systems have not kept pace with these and other changes.

Unfortunately, many companies have been forced to reduce the HR staff, eliminating the knowledge base and manpower needed to manage payroll and benefits. It all adds up to increased pressure on business owners to continue running a successful business while making sure to be in compliance. No one likes surprises at the end of the year or the Department of Labor or IRS making phone calls or sending letters.

This can all be avoided with the right partner. Syndeo is an excellent payroll outsourcing providers here in Kansas. Keep watching our blog for specific ways to keep your business track.