You might not even like boats. Or water. Or being anywhere near the water. But we’re guessing you’d rather be just about anywhere other than sitting at your desk doing payroll, teaching safety classes, negotiating benefits or composing a lengthy employee handbook.

Well, we don’t blame you one bit. That’s why we’re declaring this the Summer of Wichita Outsourcing. The best part is that it’s all about you, the business owner. If you have a Wichita payroll of five or 500, we want you to know that it’s our job to make sure you’re in your favorite lawn chair, stadium seat, hammock or recliner when you would otherwise be burning the midnight oil, poring over human resources regulations.

Oh, and did we mention that you can do a lot of other things with that time that will move your business forward? Because let’s face it: You’d rather get a really bad sunburn than look at one more piece of HR paperwork.

So, get out there, business owners! Throw a hunk of meat on the grill, pop open your favorite beverage and make this the summer you declared your freedom from the chains of Wichita human resources duties and entered the new world of Wichita Outsourcing!

Check back throughout the coming months for more information and guidance on workmen’s compensation and other employment issues so we can make your life easier.