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Outsource Your HR for Maximum Productivity

HR outsourcing services take all the administrative tasks off your hands, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Optimize Your Human Resources

Outsourcing your HR functions simplifies administrative tasks while effectively managing your workforce. Furthermore, with our staffing and payroll services, you can avoid costly mistakes that plague organizations without experienced HR professionals.

Syndeo offers a wide range of HR services, whether you need a completely outsourced department or an extension of your in-house team. Don’t let the complexities of managing your Human Resources get in the way of your company’s success!

Your complete outsourced HR department

An extension of an in-house department

Our HR Solutions

We develop custom HR solutions based on your business needs, making sure that we meet your unique HR challenges.

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Payroll Management Services

Our highly-trained payroll specialists ensure that your payroll and tax reporting are accurate and punctual every time, preventing penalties and employee complaints.

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Risk Management

We help you lower the risk of workplace injuries and stay OSHA-compliant through effective safety protocols and training as well as employer liability management.

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Employee Benefits

Offer competitive benefits that attract top talent. Syndeo helps you choose the best, affordable group plans that keep your employees satisfied and protected.

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Staffing Services

We develop a hiring strategy tailored to your business needs, making sure that you find and keep the right people for each position.

Getting Started Is Easy!

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Then start streamlining your business
and maximizing your growth!

High-Performing HR, High-Performing Business

Optimizing your HR department unlocks the full capacity of your workforce, which greatly contributes to your organizational productivity. By outsourcing your HR functions, you’re able to focus on other critical tasks, such as accelerating your business growth.

When you work with Syndeo, your company gets to enjoy the following:

  • Comprehensive HR Support
  • Compliance Expertise
  • Experienced Benefits Administration
  • Efficient HR Technologies
  • Tailored Human Capital Strategy

Trust Syndeo To Always

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Offer Our Comprehensive
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Surpass Expectations

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Fulfill Our Desire To Serve

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Strive To Do The Right

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Our Clients

Syndeo provides HR outsourcing services to various industries, offering responsive solutions that meet day-to-day tasks as well as bigger HR challenges. Here are some of our satisfied clients:

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Optimize Your Human Resources Today

Schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can improve your HR. Call us at (316) 630-9107 or fill out our online form.

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