syn web home icons hr - Human Resources succession challenges can be solved with HR outsourcing - SyndeoThe problem of human resources succession is one that can be solved by a human resources outsourcing firm like Syndeo. But the potential benefit to you might be much greater than you think. Because Syndeo is not just a recruiting firm. As Wichita’s leading human resources outsourcing firm, the company can also replace many of the functions of an outgoing human resources officer.

So what is a business owner to do when a human resources officer suddenly needs to be replaced?

Increasingly, human resources officers in Wichita businesses of all sizes are being asked to take on more, know more, do more and be part of steering the organization. It’s not uncommon for us to see HR officers doing marketing, office management and many other functions, even in fairly large businesses.

In short, HR professionals are not seen only as generalists or specialists who take care of insurance, payroll, benefits and conflict, but also as a strategic resource with a seat at the boardroom table.

It’s not surprising then, that these added responsibilities are making Wichita human resource professionals more valuable–and harder to replace. But while chief financial officers and chief technology officers are more often groomed internally to replace their leaders, human resources offices rarely come from within.

And, in point of fact, business owners would probably rather train and develop leaders to perform other key roles rather than the traditional HR role. So, think about things you can farm out to a human resources outsourcing firm versus those you want to develop in an internal leader.

Keep functions such as strategic planning, personal and team development, and high-level recruiting inside, while outsourcing payroll, licensing and certification, safety, benefits and other non-executive functions.

In summary, free up your human resources professional to become a more valuable resource to your organization by seeking a human resources outsourcing provider.