Good ideas can truly come from anywhere. There is no clear formula or method; they can strike us out of nowhere, or they can be the result of months, even years, of grueling trial and error. The creation and development of these ideas does, though, have a lot to do with the environment where the thinking takes place.

Good ideas are rarely created in a vacuum. The presence of other people, and their ideas, act as a catalyst for successful ideas (thank you, Internet). Some feel these this breeds better ideas because the abundance creates competition. However, history shows that the opposite is true: while competition can be a motivator for good ideas, collaboration is far better. These venues allow ideas to interact, mingle and “percolate,” to become stronger and more complex through cooperation. Working together allows ideas to not only coexist with other, each but to evolve and become stronger. (So, go ahead, don’t always delegate – collaborate, with your human resources, staffing and payroll folks. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.)

Want to create a breeding ground for progress? Be among friends and colleagues with whom you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and ideas. In a receptive group, we’re able to see, think about, and discuss not only the great ideas that currently exist (business practices, company structure, products, etc.), but also the ideas they inspire in us. This creates a cycle of progress and innovation, as good ideas beget good ideas. It’s like a complex ecosystem: just as many different organisms coexist and cooperate in one environment, great ideas thrive through dependence on each other.

Sure, our focus is human resources outsourcing functions such as benefits, payroll and staffing. But there’s really a lot more to it than that. At Syndeo, we’re always looking for “better business ideas.” In fact, you could say it’s our mantra.

Got a better idea? We do, too. So let’s talk.