To John Q. Public, outsourcing is generally considered a dirty word. Many laymen believe that the only reason that companies outsource is to save money…to the detriment of their employees. But in the world of small businesses, human resources outsourcing is a lifeline and an increasingly common tactic.

Contrary to popular belief, about half of companies that outsource their human resources do so for reasons other than the “Almighty Dollar.” In fact, the top three reasons employers give for HR outsourcing are:

1) Gaining expertise from outside their company- This is a no-brainer. It is much easier, less time consuming and more efficient (and, coincidentally, less costly) to outsource a job to a qualified professional than having to search for, hire and train a new-hire to do the job. Outsourcing also affords companies the opportunity to benefit from the perspective of an outsider who also happens to be an expert.

2) Improving the quality of service- Companies outsource their human resources in order to give their employees the best service possible. In many cases, small businesses don’t have the ability to perform human resources duties effectively. Outsourcing allows them to bring in professionals that know exactly how to take care of the companies HR needs.

3) The ability to focus on the core of their business-
When small business owners must take on many facets of their business at once, more often than not they stretch themselves too thin and their business suffers. HR Outsourcing allows some of the weight to be lifted off their shoulders so they can focus on the reason they started the business in the first place.

At Syndeo, we offer HR outsourcing solutions, including payroll services, staffing services, worker’s compensation, and much more. But beyond that, we’re always interested in finding the next “great idea.” It’s become our mantra. So let’s talk.