Joe, your newest worker, goes above-and-beyond the call of duty on a special project, and saves the day. Aside from a big, personal “attaboy,” though, what should really be in store for Joe?

Employee recognition: what’s your (company’s) goal?
Simply gathering everyone around the water cooler may not be a good idea. Granted, you’ll accomplish doling out praise. But this can lead to a “one size fits all” perception among your employees – which is the opposite of how they truly feel about themselves. Remember, you may see your employees as members of a team, but they also see themselves as individuals, with specific responsibilities.

Start with your organization’s goals. These drive what needs to be accomplished. This is where your recognition begins – directly linked to your company’s objectives. Keep in mind, though, that each department or group can have different objectives that role into the overall vision that you hold. We work hard to practice these principles at Syndeo, because we know the companies that turn to us for human resources outsourcing, payroll services or staffing services expect our own team to be accountable, responsible, and full of energy!

When you feel appreciated, you feel better about yourself. And when that happens, you become better at what you do. So, what can managers do to instill a sense of appreciation for their hard work? Recognize them. But, do it right.