Want a stronger business? Learn how to execute better. Yes, it’s that simple.

This may seem like a painfully obvious statement, but truth be told, many organizations find it very difficult to achieve. A perfect business model or brilliant strategy is really just words on paper if an organization can’t take them from thought to completed action.

If you want to make sure your company is executing its goals, at all levels, here’s how to improve in these five areas (don

1. Productivity- Do your employees do what is asked of them? If the answer to this question is “no” (and you’d be surprised at how often this is truly the answer), find out if they have the tools necessary to achieve those goals. Often times employees don’t ask for what they need, assuming they already have all they’re going to get (which may or may not be accurate, and is ultimately your responsibility as a manager or owner).

2. Efficiency- We’re talking about your work force here. In this case, the goal of efficiency is maximizing the ROI of a company’s time and resources in training and positioning its employees. Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of employees and utilizing their talents accordingly is crucial to execution. This sounds like another “given,” but it’s not practiced consistently. Putting employees in jobs that fit their talents improves efficiency and productivity. And, you get happier people on the job (which also improves everything they touch!).

3. Maintaining Performance- Getting to a new level is one thing; staying there is another. A successful organization is able to recognize the commitment level of its crucial employees, and plan accordingly to max out those resources. Look at your attrition. Does performance wane from turnover? Find out why, and be honest with yourself. Then develop a plan to control turnover, and transfer knowledge effectively (with starts with the tough question of “why?”). Doing so will ensure consistent performance, even as the company changes – and they all must, and will.

4. Flexibility- “The only constant is change” has never been more true. The ability to grow – and shrink – with market trends is no longer simply a trait of luxury. If a company executes its strategic goals, it will grow. This growth will require the creation of strategies to attract, train, and retain valuable employees. On the flip side, should the need should arise, a company should have strategies in place to efficiently and fairly decrease the workforce (contingent on the issue at hand, of course).

5. Risk Management- Is there too much potential for poor decisions? Effective management of employees ensures they are making decisions that don’t put the company at risk or disadvantage. Often more so than policies, environments discourage unethical business practices or inappropriate conduct.

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