Once thought to be reserved for essentially a small business market, larger companies are now beginning to look at HR Outsourcing. Aside from managing in-house staffing costs, improving services and enabling growing companies access to benefits packages not otherwise available, medium and even large corporations are realizing other valuable services by outsourcing certain HR functions:

Move the needle
Similar to the small business owner, larger companies are even more easily distracted by time-consuming projects that are necessary but may not directly contribute to impacting the business. By outsourcing programs such as Payroll and Benefits, HR professionals can focus on “moving the needle” with initiatives such as strategic planning or increased productivity.

Save a buck, or three
If you think a small business can save valuable time and resources by outsourcing HR, imagine the savings a larger company can achieve. When growing businesses factor in the cost to identify, attract and train viable in-house HR personnel, outsourcing HR areas such as payroll and benefits begins to make sense, and fast.

Keep I.T. simple
We all wish I.T. was a little more scalable, don’t we? Growing companies often find themselves in the unenviable position of having to purchase “add on” modules to certain programs, or shelve a system altogether and endure the financial outlay to upgrade. Medium and large businesses that outsource, however, often avoid those unfortunate Information Technology expenses, letting the HRO firm maintain technology on your behalf.

Think your company is too large to benefit from HR Outsourcing by Syndeo HRO? Look into it. Our guess is you’ll be pleasantly surprised.