We are the ones who actually like this stuff

Remember career day when all the firefighters, helicopter pilots, marketing professionals and even accountants spoke about why they were passionate about their jobs?

Did you ever hear one of them brag about how neat it is to be an employer or human resources (HR) services provider?

At Syndeo, the human resources services, staffing and payroll services leader in Kansas, our job is to handle all the 10,000+ rules and regulations, and tiny little details that come with being an employer so you can focus on the real important issues, like making money. Since 2002, we’ve been handling Human Resources Services, Payroll Services, Benefits Administration, Workmens’ Compensation and Staffing Services (including outsourcing) for our clients in Wichita, Kansas City and the surrounding region. If your eyes have already glazed over because of those big, scary words, then we definitely need to talk.

“I remember walking into a company once and seeing this really large helicopter in the lobby,” recalls Syndeo CEO Bill Maness. “The caption underneath read ‘We rent helicopters.’ As legend would have it, a man on a mountain needed a part and a shipping company employee rented a helicopter to get it there. A true testament to incredible service and taking care of the client’s need.”

At Syndeo, we’re not above renting a helicopter from time to time. We’d even teleport your needs if we had the technology figured out (we’re working on it). Our commitment to a culture of service while solving your employer needs makes us your business ally.

As a matter of fact, it’s our name. Syndeo (sin-dee-oh) Greek; verb; to ally, link to, attach, or connect with.

We’re an “all of the above” kind of company.

Feel free to visit our Services pages to see how we can help you get a better night sleep. If you wish to contact us, please do so. We also blog quite a bit, so find out what makes us tick. Finally, Like us on Facebook to see how we operate day-to-day.

Syndeo, Your Business Ally for Success