When it comes to finding quality candidates, you may be missing out on opportunities due to your geographical location. However, there is a way to grab the attention of those you find to have the skills, talent, culture and ambition that you’re seeking, even if they reside out of town. By knowing how to overcome these geographical limitations, you can find the highest quality candidates and increase employee retention simultaneously.

Paint a Clear Picture

Out-of-town candidates have clear expectations, and they know what they’re looking for. They want to know a job will fit their needs before making a final decision. Paint a clear picture for the candidate by allowing them to envision themselves in the work environment and the job role. By doing so, they will have a better understanding of whether or not they would thrive.

Being specific about the job qualifications isn’t enough. While you do need a job description and a list of requirements, try to go above and beyond by focusing on the industry. Tell stories about challenges that current team members face and how the company helps those employees overcome them. Storytelling elicits emotion, and emotion builds trust which is especially important for out-of-towners.

Let Company Culture Shine Through

Company culture is important, especially for the Millennial generation. Candidates need to trust that a company’s culture fits their personality and work style. Make sure you know what your company culture is all about, then highlight your values and potential along with it. By being upfront and straightforward about your company culture through all stages of the hiring process, you can be sure you’re hiring someone who meshes well and will likely stay with the company long-term. Use video testimonials to share what employees love about the company, its superiors, their colleagues and their job positions. In addition, share photos on social media of team fun, meetings or projects that hold significance. This will help out-of-town candidates see inside the company’s culture and visualize how they would fit in.

Shed Light on the Company’s Location

For many candidates, they want to move to a location that fits their personality. Social media is a great tool to use that can allow you to show off your city’s great people, weather, restaurants, music and art scene, and more. All locations have their attractive features, and by continuing to highlight those throughout the entire hiring process, you may create a positive sense of longing and excitement from your candidate. Once your candidate is sold on the location, be sure they know that the company will help them throughout the moving and transitioning process. There are several online relocating platforms you can utilize to make the process as seamless as possible. With a tool like this, out-of-town talent can quickly ask questions with online support, begin onboarding and even book relocation services. If this isn’t an option for your company, be sure you have a designated person that can answer questions thoroughly and quickly.

Traditional Recruiting Methods Are Not Obsolete

Connecting with out-of-town candidates often requires many online resources. But some of the best candidates are still found through good old-fashioned traditional recruiting methods such as networking. Attend networking events and conferences in as many locations as you can. Find skilled and passionate people who are in the same space and could meet the company’s needs. Even if they aren’t actively looking for a new job, creating a talent pipeline will pay off for your company in the future.

Professional recruiters can also help with traditional methods. A recruitment agency will have additional resources that you may not have access to, plus a network of active candidates and passive candidates. They know the candidates that are out there and they’re trained to coach you on any questions you may have during the process.

If your recruiting approach is well-rounded enough to address the unique issues that each candidate will have, there’s no reason not to expect the highest quality candidates to accept your offer, whether they’re right around the corner or halfway across the globe.