iPhone syndeo1 - Are there HR apps for things like, say, Apps? - SyndeoAs professions go, the world of human resources has always been an “early adopter” of change and innovation. So, it’s no surprise we’re not hesitant to embrace new technology. The key, then, becomes if the technology adds value, and how that value is defined.

While many of our HR outsourcing, staffing and payroll services needs share common requirements, each of our respective departments and companies will always have unique, and innate, characteristics that, quite frankly, do in fact make us “different.” The perception we live in a cookie-cutter world is long gone.

We share this as a note of caution when reviewing the growing and seemingly endless array of mobile apps. At Syndeo, we’ll be the first to say there are some solid apps out there. But (and it’s a big “ but”), if your app doesn’t fit like a glove, as well as enhance, your existing business model and organizational processes, there can be headaches and frustration from the get-go.

From timesheets to Twitter feeds (yes, there’s an app that views your candidate’s online profiles, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), even just a little Googling will turn up a long list of apps, all touting their benefits to areas such as staffing, payroll and general HR outsourcing tasks. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so be very specific in identifying your need, or void, before you search.

We’ve found the best way to determine whether an HR app will work is to simply beat on it a bit. That is, try it out. Give it to one of your tech-savvy people, and let them play with it. Or, give us a call at Syndeo, and we’ll give you our point-of-view. After all, we’re in the HR outsourcing business so we can help your business

So, do your homework. Or, click here to contact us. Just don’t end up with a pain in the app!