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Most business owners, executives and HR managers agree that it is probably important for companies to have social media policy. But how do you get started? Here are a few tips for crafting your company’s social media policy.

A Social Media Policy Should Match Your Culture

Before you start writing a treatise on policy and the evils of Facebook, consider the culture–actual or desired–of your workplace. If you maintain or strive to create an open, free and creative culture, then your policy should be fairly open. At a minimum, you MUST have policies that restrict the ability and authority of people to post on behalf of your company. Aside from that, if you’re a laissez faire office, then social media privileges should be assumed until lost due to bad behavior.

A Social Media Policy Should Match Laws and Regulations

Large corporations have a good handle on their legal and regulatory requirements. However, smaller firms sometimes don’t realize their exposure in allowing employees to engage in social media activities. Insurance and financial services, and some medical services should be careful because of the appearance of giving advice or exposing personal information of clients

A Social Media Policy Should Match Your Brand

It doesn’t take customers long to figure out if you’re not living the values you espouse in your marketing information. If you are supposed to be a fun-loving, engaging brand, and your customers are using Facebook to help make purchase decisions, then isn’t it a good idea to have your employees out there in the mix?

A Social Media Policy Should Be Specific

Like dress codes, the overwhelming majority of your employees will follow the policy if it is specific. “Here at Zoomerific, we want you to have fun and stay connected. Please don’t dedicate more than one-eighth of your time to social media, and please make sure some of that time is good for the brand that signs our paychecks!”

Syndeo can help your business come up with an excellent Social Media Policy to protect your business. Check back here to learn more specifics about how to craft your social media policy or visit our contact page to get a hold of us.